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Drakemoon Review: Is It Trustworthy?

Get Free Coins
  • Use skins from different games to wager
  • Wonderful new player bonuses from promo codes
  • Comparatively lower prices for skins and cases
  • Comes with Moon Wars special event
  • Poor customer support

There are many CSGO betting sites out there where you can wager with your hard-earned skins. Seeing as a player has access to so many options, which CSGO site should someone be going for?

Today, we’re bringing you Drakemoon.com, a website that you can consider checking out. There are many questions like is Drakemoon legit? In this review, we will try to answer these.

Is It Drakemoon Legit?

So, is Drakemoon legit? To answer that question, we need to talk about the website and how does Drakemoon work. So, let’s get right to it.

drakemoon csgo review
To play and bet on matches on the website, you can use tradeable in-game items from different games. This can be used instead of money. But there are options to use real money as well.

And while the service is good, there are some questionable things regarding Drakemoon as well. Players have complained that their withdrawals don’t work and items keep disappearing from their inventories.

So, is Drakemoon safe? While it has been for most users on the website, you can’t ignore the complaints. So we recommend that you take the matter of safety with a grain of salt.

Drakemoon Promo Codes and Bonuses

Let’s talk about the bonuses that you can enjoy from Drakemoon. Players will often ask what are the promo codes for Drakemoon and what are they used for. Why don’t we show you firsthand so that you can understand better?

Promo Codes

Drakemoon.com offers different kinds of promo codes to the players on their website. The most common case for this is the new player bonus promo codes for Drakemoon. It will give you free coins when you login with a new account.

Free Diamonds

There is another bonus that players can find on Drakemoon.com called free Diamonds. It’s an alternate exclusive currency that you can buy with real money. With the free Diamonds, you can use them on Moon Wars, an event where you get to roll for a random skin or chest.

Drakemoon Features

drakemoon csgo
When customers are looking at how to get free money on Drakemoon, they are also curious about Drakemoon’s features. What does the website bring to the table? Let’s find out.

Bonuses and Promotions

The bonuses at Drakemoon.com are one of the main reasons that new players are coming in regularly. And they will definitely change the way you use the website and wager on games.


Did you know that you can use Drakemoon on your phone as well? It’s not exactly an application but a browser extension. With it you can access all of the features of the website with one tap.

Payment Methods

And to make things easier for everyone, the website supports multiple payment options that are convenient to use. You can use in-game skins, and fiat currencies as well. If you need help on how to withdraw from Drakemoon, be sure to visit the FAQ section.


In order to ensure that no one can perform a Drakemoon hack on your account, there are multiple security measures in place. You can rest easy knowing that all your skins and money are safe on Drakemoon.com.


From what we can tell, some players have some concerns regarding the safety and legitimacy of Drakemoon. But from our testing for the reviews, we didn’t find anything funny going on.
There are also some competitor websites like Hellcase. Between Hellcase Vs Drakemoon, we’d recommend checking out the individual sites yourself, before taking a decision. There’s no telling which one you’ll end up liking.

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