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Best Rust Trading Websites

One of the benefits of having cosmetics on Rust is that you can trade them with other players. While it’s hard to find a trader on Steam with scammers all around, there’s a better alternative. Today, we will show you the best Rust trading websites where you can exchange your skins safely. Let’s begin.

What is Rust Skins Trading?

Let’s start by introducing what Rust skins trading is. There are third-party Rust skin trade sites where you can exchange your skins for something of similar value with bots. There are some sites out there that scam users and steal items from right under their noses.

This is why verifying the Rust trading website is important before starting your first trade. On this page, you can find some of the most trusted trading sites we can vouch for.

A Quick Look at the Essential Rules of Skin Trading

If you’re new to trade Rust skins, you need to know about a few essentials of skin trading. When equipped with this knowledge, you should have a hassle-free trading experience.

Look for a Trusted Platform

We can’t emphasize the importance of trading on a trusted platform enough. Check forums and talk to players about the best Rust trading sites. You can also check out our recommendations.

Understand the Market Value

Every skin in Rust has a market value determined by the players. Before heading on to the trade, look at the market value for the item you want and the skins you already have in your possession.

Check the Trade Offer Carefully

Before you finalize the trade, you will have a chance to check the offer. Sometimes scammers will change the offer at the last second and remove items from the trade. So, always be sure to double-check the trade offer.

How to Trade Rust Skins on Trading Websites

Now that you know the essentials of trading, let’s move on to how to trade Rust skins for CSGO or Dota 2. Here are four simple steps to help you out.

  • Choose a Reputed Website
    step 1

    We’ve already covered this, but don’t skip out on verifying the site's legitimacy. Once you’ve chosen the right site, create a new account.

  • Browse the Different Skins
    step 2

    On the website, you should be able to view all the different skins and their prices. This will give you a good idea of which Rust skins you can trade.

  • Send a Trade Offer
    step 3

    If you have an eye on an item, send a trade offer and wait for the trading bot to respond. Check the items in the offer and confirm the trade.

  • Wait for Confirmation
    step 4

    Once a trade has been initiated, both parties must confirm the trade. Once that’s done, you should see the item in your account.

Top 10 Best Rust Trading Websites

You should now be interested in learning more about the best Rust trading websites. Luckily, we’ve reviewed several sites and rounded the list to our top 10. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?




If you’re a regular player,  you might want something back when you play. Luckily, on RollBit there’s a rakeback system you can use if you bet regularly. As for trading, you can trade with a huge community of players. If you can’t find someone, there’s an option to trade skins with the website as well.

  • A regular rakeback system
  • A large variety of games
  • Live chat to hang out with other players
  • Requires VPN to access from several countries





While CSGO might get preference on this site, you can also trade Rust skins here as well. The site is trusted by thousands of Rust players as one of the safest platforms where you can trade Rust skins for money. Even if you don’t have any skins to trade, you can buy them directly with real money as there are different fiat deposit options.

  • An enormous and active player base
  • A trusted platform for Rust trading
  • Fast trades
  • The website isn’t impressive in terms of the different games





If you have friends who play CSGO, you might have heard about HellCase for them as it’s up there with the best case opening sites. But it also doubles as a Rust trading skins platform. You can easily toggle between the two games and find all the skins available for trading.

You can tell that the website interface has been designed well because linking your Steam account can be done in seconds. So, you don’t have to wait too long to start your Rust trade.

  • Has a great reputation in the community
  • Payments are processed very quickly
  • Winnings can be withdrawn as CSGO and Dota 2 skins
  • A comparatively bigger house edge





Whether you’re looking for a weapon skin or a sleeping bag skin, you can find the best ones for the best value on DaddySkins. It doesn’t just serve as one of the better Rust skin trade sites, it’s also a popular destination for Counter-Strike players.

Aside from the enormous trading community, DaddySkins also has case openings and offers different fun activities to keep you busy.

  • A great selection of games
  • Low minimum deposit requirement to play the games
  • One of the best-looking user interfaces
  • There’s no welcome bonus





You know what they say. Where there’s CSGO trading there’s also a Rust trading site. That’s exactly how we would describe CSGORoll. It features popular games and a community of players who are regularly betting with the skins or trading them for better ones.

If you’re worried about getting scammed, you don’t need to worry about that on CSGORoll. That’s because the website keeps an eye out for scammers and bans players if they find any trace of it.

  • Several ways to deposit money and skins
  • A generous selection of games
  • A fantastic community of players
  • Withdrawals through skins only





While you can’t technically “farm” skin on FarmSkins, you can get the best deals here. The prices here are the best and are constantly updated to keep up with the Steam Community’s prices. So if you want to upgrade your skins, this is the Rust trading site.

FarmSkins also has a section dedicated to CSGO players and allows players to trade Rust skins for CSGO. If you want to switch games and try out some new skins, FarmSkins has you covered.

  • Quick and easy registration process
  • Players can get free cases
  • Good reputation as an online trading site for Rust skins
  • No provably fair system





While DatDrop does have a cluttered website interface, it’s still a great choice for reliably trading your Rust skins. You can win free cases, upgrade your skins, or participate in the Battle Opening.

If you ever want to try a case opening, rest assured that the website uses a fair system. There are many ways to deposit at this casino. So, don’t stress if you don’t have any skins or you traded everything away. You can still enjoy some of the games on the site.

  • A huge player base you can trade with
  • The website is easy to navigate
  • There are multiple ways of signing up
  • Customer support options are very limited





Key-Drop is mainly focused as a case opening site for CSGO players. But you’ll be glad to know there’s a section of the site dedicated to trading Rust skins. You can get the cheapest prices on the site and it also uses a provably fair system.

The experience on the site is smooth and fast, so you won’t feel any delay when enjoying the different games or sending trade offers.

  • Smooth and responsive website
  • Customer support is always quick to respond
  • Provably fair system for case openings
  • The house edge is quite large





While most Rust trading sites don’t care about new players, that’s not true with CSGOCases. When you sign up, you will receive a $0.50 signup bonus courtesy of the site. You can use this to grab a new skin, which you can then trade for something better if you combine it with exciting skins.

The interface is intuitive, so navigating the site and browsing the different listings is a treat. The site also features fiat and crypto payment systems letting you use skins to deposit.

  • Players can get free cases by completing daily missions
  • The cases have very good value
  • A reputed and trusted gambling platform
  • There’s no provably fair system, so it comes with considerable risk





Last but not least, we have FlameCases. The site interface lets you know instantly that it’s a place where players come to have fun. It’s a great destination for CSGO and Rust players because they can trade skins, chat with other payers, and get the best value for their skins through trades.

To top things off, there’s even a $1 Sign-up bonus for new players. You might think this is good until you complete the wagering requirements. However, there’s no wagering requirement, so you decide what to do with the money.

  • Free giveaways
  • A lot of profile customizability options
  • No wagering requirements
  • Although named the “Free Bonus”, players need to deposit for it


Bonuses You Can Claim Before Trading Rust Skins

Before you start any trade, you can claim some bonus offers to make it even better. Let’s briefly go over some of those bonus offers.

Welcome Bonus

While many sites don’t offer the welcome bonus, if you see it on any of the Rust trading websites, don’t forget to claim it. The welcome bonus can help you get those additional skins, making things more fun and interesting.

Level Up Rewards

Many of the sites we’ve reviewed had a level-up system. Some sites required you to level up after depositing a certain amount, while others calculated this based on the amount you bet. By levelling up, you can get cases that can drop skins that might help you trade for expensive skin.

Promo Codes

Check to see if the Rust trader site supports any promo codes. Who knows, you might just get a free drop.

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