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Best CS:GO Trading Sites in 2024

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CSGO players are always looking for ways to improve their online gaming experience. One way is to trade lower-tier skins for higher-tier ones on trading sites. As the popularity of skins trading grew, many good platforms emerged to populate the market.

This review is all about the best CSGO skins trading sites in 2024. By reading this article, you can learn the legitimacy of these trading sites and how you can use them. You can also learn about the different bonuses and payment options available.

List of Best CSGO Trading Sites

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$0.30 Signup Bonus
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10% Rakeback From Every Bet
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Are CSGO Trading Sites Legit?

Best Overall Skins Trading SiteSkinCashier
Best Crypto Trading SiteCSGOTrades
Best Commission RateCS.Deals
Most Popular Trading SiteDMarket
Best for Instant CashoutTradeit.gg

CSGO trading sites are places where you can trade your skins for a small commission. Players with lower-tier CSGO skins can trade them for higher-tier ones. Besides, if you have expensive skins, then you can trade them for several lower-tier skins.

The commission charged by CSGO trading websites is between 5% and 10%. Not all trading sites are legit, which is why we wrote this review for you.

The best CSGO trading sites will always possess key aspects that we will later discuss in this review. Overall, the licensed and credible sites are trustworthy.

Sites Reviewed5
Best SiteSkinCashier CSGO
Type of SiteTrading Site
Average Trading Amount$10 to $500
Minimum Age18+

How Counter Strike Trading Sites Work?

Using a CSGO trading site is quite simple. Just follow the steps that we have provided below to learn to use these trading sites the right way!

CSGO Trading Sites

  • Security
    step 1

    The first task is to make sure that you are using a site with the proper license and facilities.

  • Account
    step 2

    Once you have that covered, log in to the CSGO trading site with your Steam account where you store your skins!

  • Choice
    step 3

    Check your inventory and decide which skins are ready to be traded.

  • Betting
    step 4

    Confirm the trade and wait for the bot to process it.

CSGO Trading Sites Bonuses: Codes, Coins and Promos

CSGO trading sites also offer bonuses in the form of coins, promo codes, and discounts to entice players to keep trading skins. Here are some of the most common bonuses that you will see on trading sites:

  • Sign-Up Bonus

    This bonus is not mandatory, but some trading sites like to offer it to new players. Trusted CS GO skin sites will keep their bonuses reasonable and achievable. You may need to use promo codes to activate the sign-up bonus.

    Unlike casino platforms, the welcome bonus offered on trading sites is low. For instance, you may get $5 to $10 for signing up.

  • Reduced Commission

    Trading sites often offer reduced commissions for trading skins on their sites. Some may choose to give 3% to 5% commission on trades at the beginning. Then, it may change to a higher percentage.

    Based on our research, the average commission price on all CSGO trading sites is between 3% to 15%. Using promo codes and subscriptions may also reduce the commission charge when you trade.

  • Refer-a-Friend

    It is natural for a CSGO skin trading to increase website traffic and account database. That is why some of them will ask you to refer their sites to your peers in exchange for discounts and rewards!

  • Loyalty Program

    The loyalty program is only available to players who have been loyal to the trading site for a while. You may have to increase points by taking part in trades. Once you reach certain levels, you will be showered with various rewards!


How We Choose the Best CS:GO Trading Site?

When it comes to the best CS GO trading site, we don’t take any shortcuts. We look into a few factors that determine whether the site can be trusted or not. Here are the factors:

  • 1


    The first thing you should notice is the license of the site. You can find this out by scrolling to the bottom of the website. The site may be licensed by the Gibraltar Gambling Commission, the government of Cyprus, and more.

  • 2

    Payment Methods

    Make sure the site you chose has enough payment methods to support trade. The ideal site must allow fiat transactions as well as crypto transactions. Some even use keys and skins. Check the payment terms and conditions to find out.

  • 3

    Good Reputation

    Needless to say, you should trade skins on a site that already has a good reputation. When you ask the online CSGO community for skins trading, they will suggest some names for you. The list of trading sites in this review is also reliable with a good reputation!

  • 4


    Another factor to notice when you are trading in CSGO trading sites is the bonuses that are available. There will always be some sites that are offering better deals. But make sure to check the bonus terms before claiming them

TOP 5 CSGO Trading Sites

This is the moment you have all been waiting for! Let us present to you the top 5 CSGO trading sites on the internet right now!

  • SkinsMonkey

    This site has a good reputation with gamers of CSGO. It has achieved so by proving the best security when it comes to skins transactions. You can even get new items on the platform and add them to your inventory. Both crypto and fiat payments are accepted here.

  • CS.Money

    This best skin trading site CSGO uses a trading bot to get the work done. This platform has been in operation since 2016 so it has plenty of experience in the CSGO trading industry! It uses a Valid Padlock (SSL) and Cloudflare DDoS protection to secure all transactions.

  • SkinCashier

    The selling experience on SkinCashier is something everybody boasts about. The platform is easy to use and the cashout processing time is quick!

    Besides, the trading bonuses offered are worth claiming! With the support of live chat, you can get the most out of its service on your desktop, mobile phone, tablet, or laptop!

  • Tradeit.gg

    Next on our list of the best CSGO trading sites is Tradeit.gg. It was established in 2017 and has been able to gain a good reputation since then. Signing up is easy and you can browse from a multitude of items in the marketplace!

  • Dmarket

    Dmarket is a popular name in the CSGO market. Most CSGO professionals are already using this website for trading skins. There are many language options and you can comfortably run this site on your mobile device. Crypto payments are always welcome!

Best CSGO Trading Sites Comparison



Minimum deposit

Minimum withdrawal


Free Case




$0.50 Signup Bonus




$0.30 Signup Bonus




10% Rakeback From Every Bet




3 Free Cases



Pros and Cons

  • Supported in many languages
  • Licensed and regulated by proper authorities
  • Multitude of payment options are available
  • Poor quality customer support

Last Words

To sum up our experience, we are happy with the collection of CSGO trading sites we have listed here. They are all licensed by the right authorities, have a good reputation, and offer various facilities to online players!

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FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can I make any profit from CSGO trading sites?

    It is possible to profit from CSGO trading sites. Just find items on any site that are undervalued and sell them on a site where they are overvalued! Moreover, buy knife skins and sell them through special services like Bitskins and Dmarket.

  • How can I be safe when trading on CSGO trading sites?

    To prevent yourself from getting scammed by phishing links, confirm the link with the best CSGO trading sites on our list. Make sure the site has a proper license, enough payment methods, a lower cashout threshold, and fair terms.

  • How safe are CSGO skins transactions?

    You have to choose trading sites with a good reputation for trading skins. The best sites won’t share your personal information with third-party sites. All transactions are transferred and stored through encryption.

  • How can I earn from CSGO skins trading?

    Invest some money to buy skins if you don’t want to level up playing the game. Then, you can trade these items on the Steam market or trading sites for trade profit. Buy skins during the summer and winter sales and sell them for a higher price later.