CSGO Coinflip

CSGO Coinflip is an online game that is extremely popular amongst CSGO players and gamblers. It involves placing a bet on the outcome of the flip of a coin. Players have the choice of gambling skins from their inventories, cryptocurrency or cash. There is usually a number of outcomes that you have to select before placing your bet. Each outcome will have different odds that are clearly marked. The higher the odds, the less chance of that outcome actually happening.

The Best CSGO Coinflip Sites

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Lets look at how the odds work now on CSGO Coinflip games. Imagine there are 3 possible outcomes in a game – Yellow 2x, Green 2x and Red 14x. You have to select which one of these you want to place a bet on and how much you want to gamble. Lets say you decide to wager $1 on Yellow at odds of 2x. If the coin lands on Yellow, you will win double your bet so you would win $2. If you wager on Red at odds of 14x then you win 14 times your money. The higher multiplier will win much less frequently so please remember this.

CSGO Coinflip Game
CSGOEmpire has one of the best Coinflip platforms. You can create a game and compete against others or friends. You can gamble your own skins or currency, the choice is yours.

Provably Fair CSGO Coinflip

At the majority of sites listed here on our website, games have a system called provably fair. This is a system that was introduced to create fair and transparent gaming. Millions of predetermined results are created before the actual game is played. The game you play then randomly selects one of these outcomes. This system ensures fairness and stops any funny business from happening both before and after the game result. Players love knowing that they are playing non-rigged games and that everything is above board.

Our Opinion

CSGO Coinflip is great fun and very exciting especially when you hit a big win. It can be great to create custom games and compete against friends or fellow gamer’s. Just be careful when playing it and dont get sucked in to always betting on the higher multiplier as it hits way less often. Remember there is always a house edge. Only gamble what you can afford to lose and do not attempt to play if you are under the legal gambling age in your jurisdiction.