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What Is Rust?

Rust is a unique game of survival by the amazing Facepunch Studios. The game was inspired by classic games like Minecraft , DayZ and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Rust is set in a hostile environment in which games can really flourish.

The aim of Rust is to try and survive. To be able to do this, players need to gather resources. Striking a tree with a rock will provide you with wood, hitting a rock using a rock will provide players with ore and rock. You can then craft a hatchet from the rocks and wood allowing you to gather items a lot faster. Players can hunt various wildlife including chickens, horses, bears, wolves, boars and deer. Once you kill an animal it can be cut up to gather its skin and meat. You can start a fire with the wood you have and cook your meat.

There Are Two Major Dangers In Rust

As Rust is a multiplayer game, other players will be playing with you and will want to kill you asap. Unfortunately they can locate you, kill you and steal all the stuff you have gathered. Fortunately, you can murder them and steal all their stuff or you can form groups of friends and help each other survive. Rust is a tough game to survive so make as many friends as possible. The environment is dangerous. Wolves and big bears will chase and murder you. You will die falling from heights. Standing next to radiation for a long period of time will kill you. Not eating will cause you to die. Being freezing cold will unfortunately kill you also.

Two main versions of the game currently exists. One is an experimental version which is the current one and has regular updates. The other is the legacy version, which is older and unfortunately no longer updated.

The Best Rust Gambling Sites

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Rust Skin Gambling Websites
One of the premium Rust gambling sites is It regularly has thousands of players online at one time.

Rust Skins

Rust skins are items that you collect during game play. This is very similar to CSGO. You will also earn skins for playing the game for certain periods of time. Different skins are worth different amounts and obviously the rarer once appear less than the skins with less value. The emergence of Rust gambling sites was met with a huge sigh of relief from players all over the world. So many players have skins that are useless or they don’t want. These types of sites allow players to use their skins as a form of currency and gamble via games like The wheel, jackpot or coinflip. Check out our list of sites, they are the creme de la creme!