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Best CSGO H1Z1 Skins Sites

Did you know that there is a plethora of H1Z1 trading site for skins? And you can trade them with your CSGO skins if you have them! In this post, we’re going to go over the whole process, list the best H1Z1 trading website, and learn how to buy and sell skins.

CSGO H1Z1 Skins Sites List

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How to Trade H1Z1 Skins?

If we analyze the term “trading”, it’s the “action or activity of buying and selling goods and services”. In the case of H1Z1 or any other esports titles, you can buy and sell the in-game items. The good, in this case, is the skins you get as part of your overall experience on the website.

How to Buy or Sell H1Z1 Skins?

The great thing about trading in the gaming community is that the exchange doesn’t have to be monetary. You can surely go for H1Z1 trade up with CSGO skins.

How to Buy H1Z1 Skins

Follow the steps below to buy H1Z1 skins.

  • Visit the Steam Community Market or any other H1Z1 trading site of your choice.
  • You’ll need to add a payment method first to get unrestricted access to the marketplace.
  • Search for the skins you’re looking for.
  • Purchase it using the payment method you added to your trading site account.

How to Sell H1Z1 Skins

To sell the skins you already have, follow the steps below.

  • Log into your preferred marketplace and connect your H1Z1 account. You should see the whole inventory.
  • You can trade the skins for other H1Z1 skins for CSGO skins.
  • Once you pick an item, you’ll get the actionable buttons.
  • Press whatever you’re trying to do and let the marketplace handle the logistics.

How We Choose the Best CS: GO H1Z1 Site?

Wondering how we got the best H1Z1 items for sale website listed for you? Read our criteria below.

  • 1

    Items and Skins Variety

    When you’re planning to go H1Z1 skins for CSGO skins, it only makes sense that you look into the variety of the market.

    Trading Site

    Things You Can Trade


    Gloves, Pistol, Sticker, SMG, Rifle, Heavy, etc.


    Knives, Rifles, Sniper, Pistols, SMG, Shotguns

    Steam Community Market

    In-game items, trading cards, Steam games

  • 2


    Needless to say, the platform you’re choosing as your H1Z1 trading site must be safe. Always opt for renowned sites. Research user reviews before putting in any real money.

  • 3

    Payment Methods

    Payment methods you can use to trade H1Z1 skins for CSGO will play a major role in deciding the right H1Z1 trading website. Opt for sites where you can find methods that you already have.

Top 3 CSGO H1Z1 Skin Trading Sites

Let’s check out the top 3 H1Z1 trading website you can use right now.

  • Steam Community Market

    This is undoubtedly the first choice for most gamers, especially newcomers. It’s a tested market with one of the largest collections of in-game esports items. You can use your steam wallet for the transactions.

  • DMarket

    DMarket has risen in popularity in the last few years thanks to its massive collection of games and in-game items. You can also use it as a learning platform for all kinds of esports stuff.

  • Tradeit.gg

    TradeIT is a very popular 3rd party trading site as well as a store for esports gamers. You can even separate the trading section from the store section on this H1Z1 trading website. And yes, you can log in using your Steam account directly.

Popular Payment Methods

As we mentioned earlier, you’ll need at least one payment method if you want monetary trading of in-game assets. Let’s go over the best options the skin gambling H1Z1 sites are offering right now.

  • Pretty much all e-commerce will accept Visa and Mastercard branded cards. H1Z1 CSGO trading sites are no different.
    Credit Cards
  • The majority of the gaming community is aware of crypto and these currencies have been one of the best ways to trade in-game items like skins. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Tether, Ethereum, etc. are at the top of the list.
  • payment_methods
    Wallets like PayPal, Skill, Neteller, etc. are often offered as an accepted method for trading.
  • A bank transfer is when money is sent from one bank account to another. Transferring money from your bank account is usually fast, free and safer than withdrawing and paying in cash. Check this possibility in the official website.
    Bank Transfer

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