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CS:GO Lounge Review: Is It Trustworthy?

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  • Supports popular payment methods
  • Valuation of skins may differ from Steam marketplace

If you’ve ever played CSGO, then CSGO Lounge is something that you should be familiar with. It’s a website where you can trade CSGO skins with other players and place bets on matches with skins.
The website is one of the first on the Internet to offer a service like that. Although there are some controversies regarding the site, it’s still active and players are using it to this day. Let’s check out everything that it has to offer.

Is CSGOLounge Legit?

CSGO Lounge

After reading that intro, we know what you’re thinking. Is CSGOLounge safe?
The answer to that question is yes. The website is a secure platform where players and bettors can use their skins to bet on CSGO matches safely.

But why is CSGOLounge safe even a concern? When players from Virtus Pro (VP) bet against themselves and got the skins from all of their fans, the site was brought under fire.

What the VP players did was not an illegal thing to do as they did not throw the match. However, it was an unethical thing to do and no one at CSGOLounge had any idea about this.

But as for CSGOLounge’s legitimacy, you don’t need to concern yourself with it as there is none.

CSGOLounge Characteristic

📢 Website


💰 Welcome Bonus

Free Coins

🎮 Games & Items

Skins, Loot boxes, Bets

⚠️Wagering Requirements


💰 Minimum Deposit


💰 Minimum Withdrawal


💳 Payment Methods

Just Item Trades

CSGOLounge Promo Codes and Bonuses

In 2016, the platform was officially licensed as an eSports betting site. This meant that fans could now make CSGO Lounge predictions on matches. And it also meant that it was finally time for some proper CSGOLounge codes and bonuses.

  • CSGO Lounge code is one of the most common forms of promotion at CSGO Lounge. You can use CSGOLounge codes to get free coins, cases, and even free skins.
  • Referral codes are another form of CSGOLounge codes that you can use. These can usually be found on affiliated platforms.

CSGOLounge Features

Before you can learn how to use CS GO Lounge, you should know what features it has. If you don’t like the features from the get-go, what’s the point of learning how to use CS GO Lounge?

Bonuses and Promotions

CSGO Lounge comes with different bonuses and CSGOLounge codes to make the experience fun for players. New players enjoy the best bonuses like CSGO Lounge coins. But regular players can get bonuses for referring other players.

User Interface

For new players on CSGO Lounge how to bet on matches can be an intimidating thing. But thanks to the user-friendly interface, the process is quite intuitive.

Mobile App

Not only can you use a CSGO Lounge extension on your desktop computer but there is also a counterpart of it for mobile devices as well. You can use the CSGO Lounge app to enjoy the same services that you’d get on the desktop.

Payment Methods

csgo lounge

And none of it would be fun if there weren’t any good payment methods backing all of this up. You can use fiat currencies, cryptos, and skins directly to place bets or trade skins.


All in all, if you like the competitive scene of the game and you’re thinking about getting into betting, you should check out CSGO Lounge. The website is one of the largest and oldest platforms that you can use. And if anyone asks “Is CSGOLounge safe?”, the answer is definitely yes.

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