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CS:GO Kingdom Review: Is It Trustworthy?

  • Sleek looking user interface
  • Odds for each case are displayed clearly
  • Regular giveaways on social media
  • Site’s legitimacy is questionable

If you’re into CSGO, you should know that betting on matches with skins is a big part of the competitive scene. Thousands upon thousands of dollars are poured into buying cases where you can get some really expensive skins. Today we’re talking about one such site called CSGOKingdom.

Is it CSGOKingdom Legit?


The website was launched in July of 2022 and was owned by popular YouTuber McSkillet. But soon after the site’s launch, there were controversies surrounding it. So is CSGOKingdom legit? Let’s take a look at some facts to better understand this.

The reason this website received so much backlash is that McSkillet showed himself playing and winning skins from the site on his YouTube channel.
But from what we can tell the site is probably legit as there have been other skin winners from the cases on the site.

CSGOKingdom Promo Codes and Bonuses

In essence, CSGOKingdom is a gambling site. And like other gambling sites, the thing new customers care about is the bonuses. There are also CSGO Kingdom codes. Let’s see all of them in brief.

Welcome Bonus

New users can sign up with the website and use CSGOKingdom codes to avail of the welcome bonus. They can make great use of this bonus to try their luck when opening a case.

CSGO Kingdom Promo Code

You can also redeem other CSGO Kingdom codes at any time. The way you get these codes are going to be by following the website on social media. Each one has different uses. Be sure to check what the CSGOKingdom codes are for before redeeming them.

CSGOKingdom Features

CSGOKingdom Features

Even after all the controversies surrounding the website, users are still buying cases from the site. And the reason for that is because of the features that the site offers to the users. What are these? Let’s check them out.

Withdraw System

The withdraw system is one of the most unique features about the website. If you compare CSGO Kingdom with other websites, the withdraw works faster than other sites. Using a bot available on the website, you can have it buy a particular skin from OPSkins easily.

Displaying Odds

To show the users and fans that everything is legit, McSkillet focused his efforts on a particular feature. When you’re opening any case on the CSGO Kingdome website, you will see the odds displayed for that case. So you can be sure of the chances that you have of winning without getting scammed.


We’ve already mentioned this before, but the website regularly gives out CSGO Kingdom codes to players. If you keep an eye on social media channels, you can easily use these promo codes for yourself.


And that’s not all. There are regular giveaways hosted on Twitter. If you want to tempt your luck without spending any money, take part in one of these giveaways. Who knows? You might get that rare Skeleton knife skin that you’ve wanted for so long.


After considering everything, you might still have doubts about the site’s legitimacy. But seeing as how it’s still up and running, we don’t think that should be a cause for concern. Even then, you should keep in mind that the house edge is quite high, so you should always be careful.

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