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Betting Calculators

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Csgocaseopening.com offers a comprehensive selection of betting calculators that punters can use to determine their potential bookmaker winnings without having to do any complex math. You can use these calculators to place a single bet, build a parlay, or navigate an Asian handicap with ease and accuracy.

What Is a Bet Calculator?

It’s a special tool that determines how much money you could win from a bet if you make the right choices. This is really helpful for people who are new to betting since it does all the math for you. As an example, if you bet $10 on a horse race at 6/4, the calculator will tell you that you’ll make a profit of $15 plus get back your original $10, for a total of $25.

Even if you’re good at calculating simple bets, a bet calculator will come in handy. It will be especially useful if you want to place a more complex wager. It can handle situations such as multiple bets and different types of races where working out the winnings can be tricky. Whether you’re new to betting or have been doing it for years, a bet calculator can make things easier for you and help you decide if a wager is worth making.

How to Use Our Bet Calculators?

Our free betting calculator simplifies the process of projecting potential winnings for both novice and experienced gamblers.

Single Bet Calculator

Single bets are simple wagers in which your money is placed on one outcome. You just have to enter the stake amount and select the odds, and you will be able to view the total potential payout and winning amount. Visit our single bet page for detailed information and guidelines.

Currency settings: USD
The amount of money risked or invested on a bet. Stake can also be called a wager.
Used to determine the total return for every $1 bet, including the amount of money risked.
Winning amount

Parlay Calculator

The parlay betting odds calculator estimates the potential winnings from parlay bets. Enter your total wager amount and the odds for each bet. Calculate the parlay odds, total profit, and payout. Visit our Parlay Calculator page for details and guidelines.

Currency settings: USD
Parlay Total Wage
The total stake on multiple bets, all of which must win for the parlay to pay out.
Bet #1 Odds
Bet #2 Odds
Parlay Odds
Total Profit
Total Payout

Asian Handicap Odds Calculator

To use the Asian Handicap Odds calculator, choose either the home team or the away team. Enter the odds, stake amount, and Asian handicap for a team. To calculate the outcomes, enter both teams’ scores. For further details and guidelines, visit our Asian Handicap page.

Currency settings: USD
Select the team you believe will win the match. This choice is crucial for calculating potential winnings.
Used to determine the total return for every $1 bet, including the amount of money risked.
The amount of money risked or invested on a bet. Stake can also be called a wager.
Asian Handicap
Asian Handicap adjusts odds based on team strengths. Choose from -4 to 4. Lower values favor the team with lesser strength, higher values favor the stronger team.
Home Team Score
Away Team Score

How to find the best betting odds for sports betting?

You can maximize your potential winnings by finding the best betting odds for sports betting. This is where csgocaseopening.com’s Match Center comes into play. The site provides odds for upcoming matches, making it an excellent resource for accessing data quickly and conveniently.

By selecting an event and clicking on the odds, users are redirected to a bookmaker. The seamless process ensures bettors can instantly compare odds across various bookmakers and place well-informed bets.

Use our converter to convert odds to other formats

With our tool, you can easily convert odds into different formats. Different websites offer different odds, and our service allows you to compare like with like. To use the tool, just enter the fraction, decimal, or American odds, and it will show you the implied probability.

The ratio of money risked to potential winnings in betting. Used primarily in the UK and Ireland.
Used in the rest of the world. A straightforward way to express betting odds, where 1 means even money, and higher numbers indicate longer odds.
A betting odds format used in the US, where the payout is the amount wagered plus the odds, making it easier to calculate potential winnings.
Implied Probability %
The probability of an event occurring, calculated from betting odds, used to assess the fairness of betting odds.
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